Bob's Bio

Canadian born, Scottish raised and still a UK citizen, Bob has lived in the U.S. since 1970. He started playing guitar at age of 10 and has always had a strong passion for melody. Bob's musical interests range from jazz fusion to The Great American Songbook. To date, Bob has 5 CD projects on the market and is currently working on his 6th.


Recently, Bob has focused his songwriting abilities on writing songs in the style of The Great American Songbook - what people might refer to as the Tin Pan Alley style of writing.



This true love for early 20th century popular music actually only took hold of Bob about 6 years ago. It all started when watching an early Betty Hutton movie — a pseudo comedy/musical film called "The Stork Club." Excitedly, Bob embarked on - what he refers to as - a magical, musical journey to learn, study, and play the timeless and wonderful melodies of Betty's era - the 1930s through the late 50s.


Bob's next CD project,  titled "These Few Moments," will consist of 10 new original songs written in the American Songbook style.

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