"Cry" and "Song to my Father" are the first (video) single releases from my new CD, "Sixty."

New CD, "Sixty" finally released.

February 15th, 2017.


My latest music project, "Sixty," is a new and wonderful journey of discovery for me—even a bit contemplative and experimental—as I explore and embrace the wonderful Singer/Songwriter and Americana styles of music. I hope you'll like it.


Song list: 1. Passion & Fury  2. Catch Me I'm Falling  3. Lonely & Blue  4. Cry  5. Love Is Something 
6.Dear Mother  7. You Say  8. Me and My Dog  9.Song to my Father


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"We are so very lucky to have Bob as a regular...

at the Shakers Bar and Grill and Pho Cao open-mics. Every time he takes the stage he elevates the proceedings. I'm not worthy."


– Lewis Ray Cammarata (Performing Musician and Open Mic Host at Shakers and Pho Cao)





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If you're looking for some easy-listening jazz or Americana music with strong melodic themes then you should check out my CDs. The first two, "Secret Obsession" and "In Your Dreams," are instrumental-based tunes, the 3rd ("That Old Feeling") and 5th ("Now & Then") are 40s style vocal CDs with some memorable covers and 6 new originals - in the American Songbook tradition of song style. My 4th CD, "Songs For Low Light Conditions," is a collection of easy listening jazz instrumentals.


My latest jazz release is titled, These Few Moments—10 new original songs in The Great American Songbook tradition.


Finally, my very latest release, titled "Sixty," (2017) contains 9 new original songs composed in the wonderful musical style of Americana/Singer/Songwriter.

What's Happenin'?

New videos featuring Bob McCarroll & Paul Lucas


Thank you to my friend, Michael P. O'Mara for posting these two wonderful videos of Paul Lucas and I playing at the Tempe Center for the Arts' "Walk-In-Wednedays from last November, 2012. CHECK OUT THE VIDEOS BY CLICKING HERE.






Sound on Sound, the recording industries top magazine, reviews
Bob's latest CD, "Now & Then."

"Bob McCarroll’s album is the dream ticket for anyone running a restaurant in a well-populated tourist area. His swing jazz sound is literally so ‘nice’ I don’t think it could rock the boat any more than a mouse might if it were stowed away on the QE2. While the tracks are perfectly well recorded, and Bob’s vocals emulate the very best of Bublé-style swing jazz vocals, there just isn’t the energy that I’d like to hear in an album like this to take it to the next level. At times, I felt as if it had been recorded so quietly that at any moment you might hear the producer turning the page of a newspaper as he waited for the session to end..."



Thanks to Sound on Sound Magazine and Sarah Bowden for taking the time to review my latest CD,

"Now & Then." Thanks too, Sarah, for all of your nice comments and constructive guidance.


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New CD, "Sixty."

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