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"Songs for Emily" - New CD Project from Bob McCarroll Coming Soon.

Songs for Emily

Poem's by Emily Dickinson
Music and Arrangements by Bob McCarroll

A Little Background on This Project:

I had a great English professor in college who's all time favorite poet was Emily Dickinson - and of course, wanted all her students to love her too. While, at the time, I didn't have a true appreciation for the talents of Emily Dickinson's work, for some reason the professor and Emily Dickinson stuck with me over the decades.  

Last year, after finishing up on my previous music project, "Outside the Music Box," I decided I wanted to do something different, and as writing lyrics is not really my favorite thing to do, I decided to incorporate the poems of Emily Dickenson as the written word. 

Each poem was kind of haphazardly chosen: I'd quickly glance through her poems and if it struck me as interesting - and might be a good candidate for a song then I'd start composing music for it.  It was so important to me, though, that I carefully compose a melody and "feel" for each song that stayed true to the personality and sensitivity of each poem - well, my view of the poem, anyway.

If you listen to "Songs for Emily," you'll find that most of the songs tend to have a "sad" feel to them - I guess that's kind of how I felt about a lot of her work. It was my goal, no matter the poem, to give them a melody and arrangement that worked to compliment her writings. Only on two poems did I make a small "gender" edit to fit a male singer's perspective, those would be, The Court is Far Away and Did We Disobey Him. I can only hope, that in doing so, that I didn't offend to many diehard Dickinson fans.

Emily Dickinson offered a very sensitive view of nature and the world around her and I'm so grateful that she prolifically shared her unique insights with us.

"Songs for Emily" is the compilation of over a years work, and while I actually wrote several additional  songs for the project, there were a few songs that I couldn't quite get the musical results I hoped for and so chose not to include them  here...perhaps in a future project?

About the Cover Artwork:

Using a public domain image of Emily Dickinson, I created a kind of a split image effect, with Emily's face on the right side and portions of my facial features on the left; signifying the 50/50 creative contribution to the project.

Most of all, I hope in listening to the music I composed for this project that you too might garner an apprieciation for Emily Dickinson's poetic work.

Sincerely, Bob McCarroll.

Song List 

  1. A Bird  Came Down the Walk - 02:08  - Bob McCarroll © 2020 BMI

  2. I Would Not Paint a Picture - 03:46 - Bob McCarroll © 2020 BMI

  3. So Bashful When I Spied Her - 02:29 - Bob McCarroll © 2020 BMI

  4. I'm Nobody (Who Are You?) - 02:12 - Bob McCarroll © 2020 BMI

  5. A Darting Fear - 01:24 - Bob McCarroll © 2020 BMI

  6. My Wheel is in the Dark - 02:41 - Bob McCarroll ©2020 BMI

  7. The Court is Far Away - 02:18 - Bob McCarroll © 2020 BMI

  8. There is a Word - 02:55 - Bob McCarroll © 2020 BMI

  9. To Learn the Transport by the Pain - 02:39 - Bob McCarroll © 2020 BMI

  10. The Skies Can't Keep Their Secret - 02:17 - Bob McCarroll © 2020 BMI

  11. Sleep is Supposed to Be - 02:21 - Bob McCarroll ©2020 BMI

  12. South Winds - 02:07 - Bob McCarroll © 2020 BMI

  13. Did We Disobey Her - 02:23 - Bob McCarroll © 2020 BMI

All songs composed, arranged, and performed by Bob McCarroll - with the exception of "I'm Nobody," featuring Jerry Donato on Saxophone.

Poems / Lyrics by Emily Dickinson

All Emily Dickinson poetry used under Public Domain permissions

Produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered at OneStop.Studio, Phoenix, AZ (www.onestop.studio)

©2020 Bob McCarroll. All rights reserved (BMI) Unauthorized duplication, broadcasting, or streaming is prohibited.

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