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Listen to Bob McCarroll's Latest Release, "Subtle Moments" for Free

Yep, I've got another one for you—this one featuring 12 new original jazz instrumental tunes of the easy-listening persuasion.

Subtle Moments takes me back to my musical origins—as it relates to my first two CD releases: Secret Obsession - 2003, and In Your Dreams, 2006—in that it features only jazz instrumentals.

Unlike those two previous releases, where I had the amazing assistance of some amazing musicians, Covid and cash have me playing all of the instrumentation and midi programming on this new release.

Most of the songs on this project are just as the title describes, "Subtle"—as in mellow, or easy-listening. Anyway, I'll keep this short, but if you have time I hope you'll give it a listen—and maybe let me know what you think?

Thanks, Bob.

Subtle Moments is available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and through my website;, where you can learn and listen to more of my musical projects.

Subtle Moments / Song List

  1. Subtle Moments

  2. It's Raining at the Bus Stop

  3. Forever Yours

  4. The Adventures of Angus

  5. Dark Blue

  6. Glorious

  7. I Miss You

  8. Walking the Bud

  9. A Whisper and a Sigh

  10. Jammin'

  11. Can't You See

  12. Saturday Morning

Produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered at OneStop.Studio, Phoenix, AZ (

©2022 Bob McCarroll. All rights reserved (BMI) Unauthorized duplication, broadcasting, or streaming is prohibited.

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Robby Roberson
Robby Roberson
Jan 24, 2022

Great Bob! I look forward to giving a quiet and complete listen...r

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