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Subtle Moments
12 original jazz instrumental compositions from Bob McCarroll

Subtle Moments
Musical Compositions, Arrangements, and Performances by Bob McCarroll


Song List 

  1. Subtle Moments - 03:08 - Bob McCarroll ©2022 BMI  

  2. It's Raining at the Bus Stop - 04:41 - Bob McCarroll ©2022 BMI 

  3. Forever Yours - 03:38 - Bob McCarroll ©2022 BMI

  4. The Adventures of Angus - 04:16 - Bob McCarroll ©2022 BMI

  5. Dark Blue - 04:00 - Bob McCarroll ©2022 BMI

  6. Glorious - 03:45 - Bob McCarroll ©2022 BMI 

  7. I Miss You - 2:54 - Bob McCarroll ©2022 BMI

  8. Walking the Bud - 03:45 - Bob McCarroll ©2022 BMI 

  9. A Whisper and a Sigh - 03:37 - Bob McCarroll ©2022 BMI 

  10. Jammin' - 04:05 - Bob McCarroll ©2022 BMI

  11. Can't You See - 03:56 - Bob McCarroll ©20220 BMI 

  12. Saturday Morning - 03:38 - Bob McCarroll ©2022 BMI 

*All songs composed, arranged, and performed by Bob McCarroll . 

Produced, recorded, mixed, mastered and graphic design by OneStop.Studio, Phoenix, AZ (


A Little Background on This Project:

During the last half of 2021 I had seriously started on several new musical projects—each one I felt held promise.

Eventually, I found myself jumping between three planned projects, each of them being of an entirely different genre: Jazz instrumental, Americana, and Rock. At some point I found myself leaning more towards focusing my musical energies towards the jazz instrumental project—which I'd titled "Subtle Moments." we are at the beginning of 2022 and the Jazz Instrumental project is finally finished.

As I worked on the Subtle Moments project I wanted to try a few experimental approaches to composition—something a little different from my usual approach to writing music—although I can't honestly say I have a formula for writing music and find myself constantly trying new approaches to writing in order to explore new and different ideas.

One of the new experimental approaches I tried on Subtle Moments was to sit at my piano and just blindly hammer out (to time) totally random finger positions on the keys. I'm by no means even a decent piano player and often have no idea what chord I'm playing. Of course, I can play simple chords but when it comes to complex chords, with extensions and inversions, I generally have no idea of what chord I'm playing—and if I want to know I will need to do some figuring out—usually on my guitar. Once I'm generally satisfied with my arbitrary chord composition, I'll try creating a melody over the top of my obscure chord progression—using either the piano, or in most cases, my guitar. The whole time I loosely notate and record my ideas to eventually form a new song.

Is this a good approach to writing music? I can't say, but you can certainly be the judge by listening to the Subtle Moments project and deciding for yourself. You can hear my unorthodox writing approach take fruition in several songs like: Subtle Moments, Forever Yours, Dark Blue, and Glorious.

Most of all, I hope you like the songs on this new project. Now onto those two other projects I set aside. :)



Sincerely, Bob McCarroll.

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