Outside the music box

13 New, Original Tunes from Bob McCarroll

Outside the Music Box by Bob McCarroll


Song List 

  1. Are You Gonna Love Alone (2:29) Bob McCarroll © 2019 BMI

  2. Be Careful (3:05) Bob McCarroll © 2019 BMI

  3. Did I Get The Day Right (3:24) Bob McCarroll © 2019 BMI

  4. How Can I Forget You Now (2:25) Bob McCarroll © 2019 BMI

  5. If I Could (2:42) Bob McCarroll © 2019 BMI

  6. Never Walk Alone (3:45) Bob McCarroll-©2019 BMI

  7. Oh, How I Need Your Love (1:49) Bob McCarroll ©2019 BMI

  8. Regrets (4:49) Bob McCarroll- ©2019 BMI

  9. Save Me From Myself (3:36) Bob McCarroll ©2019 BMI

  10. Take Your Love (3:06) Bob McCarroll- ©2019 BMI

  11. That Perfect Place (2:03) Bob McCarroll- ©2019 BMI

  12. When Skies Are Blue (2:20) Bob McCarroll- ©2019 BMI

  13. When You Close Your Eyes (1:52) Bob McCarroll- ©2019 BMI
    (Written and dedicated to my new grand 
    daughter, Evelyn Vera McCarroll - 11/04/2019)

All songs composed and arranged by Bob McCarroll.


Suzanne Lansford - Violin on “If I Could” and “Take Your Love”
Michael Hummel - Background vocals on “That Perfect Place”
Nicole Pesce - Piano / Keys on “When You Close Your Eyes” (www.bobmccarroll.com)

Thank you all for adding your enormous talents to my wee music project.


Produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered at OneStop.Studio, Phoenix, AZ (www.onestop.studio)


©2019 Bob McCarroll. All rights reserved (BMI) Unauthorized duplication, broadcasting, or streaming is prohibited.

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