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OneStop.Studio is my recording studio where I produce, mix, and master music for clients and personal projects. I specialize in mainly acoustic music, including jazz, singer/songwriter, folk, and small trios. For more information, please visit my OneStop.Studio website at: www.OneStop.Studio.

In addition, to audio production, I also provide photograph and design services, as well as consulting on getting your music out there.


Live@Bob's is a site I created dedicated to showcasing the very best in local songwriters. The sessions are recorded live using multiple cameras and high-end recording gear. In addition, I offer "Audition" videos so that performers can send high-quality video links to perspective venues. Check out the site for some great performances and original music. Site Link:

Armand Boatman - Piano

Armand began playing professional engagements at the age of 12 with one thought in mind, the extra money would give him the opportunity to buy every jazz album he could find. In turn, he taught himself to play jazz. Armand plays on my CDs, That Old Feeling and Now & Then.

Bryce Budge - Piano

Sadly, my good friend, Bryce is no longer with us, having passed away January 8th, 2010. Besides being a great friend, Bryce worked with me on two projects, "Secret Obsession" and "In Your Dreams" - besides playing many gigs together. Bryce's death was the end to a tragic story and I will always miss the big guy.

Bryce plays on my CDs, Secret ObsessionIn Your Dreams.


Todd Chuba - Drums

Todd plays on my CDs, Secret Obsession, In Your Dreams, That Old FeelingThese Few Moments, and the song "Lonely & Blue" from Sixty.

Jerry Donato - Saxaphone

After more than 20 years as a pro, Jerry has recorded an awesome project. What makes this project so special is that Jerry enlisted "Mr. One-Take", Pete Jolly,the West Coast piano jazz giant to lend his talents. Recorded on May 17th & 18th of 2004, sadly these are the last tracks Pete recorded before his passing in November of 2004. | READ MORE. Jerry plays on my CDs, That Old Feeling, Now & ThenThese Few Moments, and the song "Please Say Yes" from my CD, Songs for Low Light Conditions.

Joe Garcia - Percussion

What an incredible percussionist and all 'round nice guy. Joe knows how to play and where to play - never stepping on or over you - just putting in the right touch at the right time....always. Joe plays on my CDs, Secret ObsessionIn Your Dreams, and These Few Moments.

Dwight Kilin - Upright Bass

Dwight plays on my CDs, Secret Obsession and Now & Then .

Mike King - Upright Bass

Mike plays on my CD, These Few Moments.

Beth Lederman - Piano

Beth Lederman is well-known for her sophisticated jazz and rhythmic Latin-jazz piano styles, not only in the Phoenix area, but throughout the Western U.S. from Canada to Mexico.  | READ MORE. Beth plays on my CD, In Your Dreams.

Jodie Light - Vocals

Born in Lima, Ohio, Jodi has been performing since the age of two. Jodi's break came at the tender age of five, when she landed a guest spot on the Mike Douglas Show. Followed by an array of other national guest appearances, she next began a television career at WHIO-TV out of Dayton. Jodi sings on my song, "Who Cares" on the CD, Now & Then.

Mario Mendivil - Bass

Mario Mendivil has had the opportunity and pleasure to perform with some of the world's most renown musicians such as.... | READ MORE. Mario plays on my CDs, Secret Obsession and In Your Dreams.

Bill Moio - Guitar

Bill grew up in Maine and attended Berklee College of Music where he studied under the late William G. Leavitt. He served as house guitarist for both Harrah's Reno and Harrah's Lake Tahoe for seven years... | READ MORE. Bill plays on my CDs, That Old Feeling and Now & Then.

Dom Moio - Drums / Percussion

Dom started playing drums in the fifth grade. His first teacher Dick  Demers started Dom on his way both as a player and teacher.  In 1975 he went to New York to study with studio master Bernard Purdie. Then to Boston in 1976 to study with Jazz great Alan Dawson. READ MORE. Dom plays on my CD, 
Now & Then.

Paul Lucas - Guitar

I'm in the process of expanding the site, perhaps including some RECORDINGS as they come hot off the press, and developing the WORKSHOP section. So far, the consistent response to what I consider to be a courageous course of action, ...| READ MORE. Paul plays on my CDs, Now & Then (Song: Who Cares?) and These Few Moments.

Nicole Pesce - Piano

Nicole is recognized as one of the “top ten musicians to hear in Phoenix” by the Arizona Republic. Her musical repertoire consists of over 12,000 memorized songs ranging from Chopin to Lady Gaga. Stylistically including Classical, Jazz, Ragtime, Blues, Boogie Woogie, Broadway, Latin, Oldies, Pop, Opera, Spiritual, Country, Rock, Funk and Hip Hop. She is often seen “text messaging” while playing intricate piano pieces! | READ MORE. Nicole plays on my CD, These Few Moments.

Greg Varlotta - Trumpet

I don't have any copy yet about Greg yet, but in the meantime, and having worked with Greg, I just want to say what a wonderful musician and person he is. Such a joy to work with; easy-going, talented, great reader, and not afraid to add in an idea or two: a quality I cherish in the musicians I work with. Here's a link to Gregs MySpace page: | READ MORE. Greg plays on my CDs, Now & Then and These Few Moments.

Steven Von Wald - Saxaphone

Steven plays on my CD, Secret Obsession.

Tom Williams - Upright Bass

Tom plays on my CD, That Old Feeling.

Matt Williams - Vibes

Matt plays on my CD, Now & Then

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