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Writing (a) "Piece of Sh#t"

Warning: This song and Blog contains expletives.

I'm not entirely sure how or why I started writing this song...I mean, really, who starts out with the idea of writing a Piece of Shit? :) Of course, it really is just a tongue-in-cheek / novelty tune; purely poking fun at the type of individual we probably all know at least one of.

To play the song, click the movie screen below.

A funny story about this song.

The other day, a small bunch of my friends and I got together for some pizza and drinks and to celebrate the release of my new music project, "Vehicles," - of which "Piece of Shit" is one the 12 new songs in the project. Everybody at the table knew I had written "Piece of Shit" as a joke and we had a good laugh about it. Anyway, one of my friends, who shall remain nameless, raised her glass to toast my new release and jokingly blurted out, "Here's to Bob's 'Piece of Shit!'" Suffice to say, we all had a big, big laugh - which was entirely the point of the song. So, if you listen to this song and want to call this song a "Piece of Shit," you'd be right - like it or not. :)

The Song:

My goal for creating this song was in no way to write a musical masterpiece - I definitely think I achieved that goal, wouldn't you say? ;) I just wanted to write a simple, upbeat, and funny song, that, at best would make you smile, or at worst, agree that my song really is a Piece of Shit.

Virtual Console Screen
Virtual Console setup for the song

The Structure:

At it's basics, this song is really just a blues progression in the key of G. To help make it more interesting, I composed the song using a series of repeating riffs built around chord tones (notes built around the chord). The intro starts out with my repeating guitar riff - also played by the bass - with drums and handclaps keeping time. For Verse 1, I dropped out most everything leaving just a single guitar, the lead vocal, and a kick drum playing 4 on the floor. For Verse 2, I bring back the entire ensemble to help build the song. The Chorus has the addition of background / harmony vocals and vocal callouts - emphasizing the song title. Verse 3 continues much the same way that Verse 2 does followed by a Guitar Solo Section - again utilizing background vocals to keep things interesting. Following the Guitar Solo section I decided to add a Bridge to help provide more personal descriptive to the song's main focus and to help break the song up a little. Finally, I repeat Verse 3 and Tag the song title until the song finally fades out.

Anyway, that's about it. Nothing revolutionary happening here - it's just a simple/fun song that hopefully brings a smile to your face.

Recording session Screen
Recording session workflow for Piece of Shit.

Thanks for reading my Blog. I hope you found the background information on this song interesting. Please don't hesitate to write me if I can answer any questions about this song, the recording of it, or any other of my songs. And also, please don't forget to sign up to be notified of new posts.

Sincerely. Bob McCarroll.

Please feel free to share this Blog. Thanks!


Piece-of-Shit (B. McCarroll, 2018)

Verse 1:

What A Piece-of-Shit

Looks okay - but no sign of wit

Some say he’s a stupid git

But, Babe, he’s just a Piece-of-Shit.

Verse 2:

Whooo….What a piece-of-work

Doesn’t realize he’s such a dork

A smart-ass with a cheeky smirk

Really just a fucking jerk

Chorus 1: (BG Vocals: You. You. You. You.)

Well…he comes on with that put-on-act

A total fake and totally wacked

Leave him while your mind’s intact

Devise a plan and counteract

Verse 3:

What a Piece-of-Shit (Piece Of Shit)

Big liar and a hypocrite

It’s so easy that you must admit

Low-life’s just a Piece-of-Shit.

Gtr Solo Section / Background Vocals over Intro

(Piece Of Shit. He’s just a Piece of Shit - repeat x 2)

Bridge: (BG Vocals: You. You. You. You.)

Cry baby and a Mummy’s boy

Treats you like his Girlie toy

The problem is, as you may guess

He’s the twisted dude in this screwed up mess

Verse 3:

He’s a Piece-of-Shit (Piece Of Shit)

Big liar and a hypocrite

It’s so easy that you must admit

Low-life’s just a Piece-of-Shit. (Piece Of Shit)

Background Vocals over Gtr Solo - Repeats to fade

(Piece Of Shit. That dude’s a Piece of Shit - repeat to fade)

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Jacob Ryen
Jacob Ryen
Aug 28, 2023

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